Looking Back

I look back on the things I’ve written

With patience, care, and respect

Because those are the things that I love

I look back on the things I’ve thought

With a fever pitch, anger, and purpose

Because I have a passion unconventional

I look back, however, on the things

That I didn’t think would hurt

And realize that they’ve done the most harm

Because I thought little of their impact

The pain rebounded back to me to remind

Always think before I speak

When it seems to matter little, that’s when

It matters most

Harm is never my intention, but intention

Only goes as far as the skin around my heart

It takes hands to bring it to life

And if those hands are heavy with hurt

Mine, or someone else’s

Then intentions will they forever be

5 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. I like it when you tell stories in your words. The poems that are descriptive and straightforward or once I can relate to the vest. Sometimes I have a hard time reading poetry but I can understand yours and let me tell you, I feel you man! You are a great writer and I just wanted to tell you that I am checking back into WordPress and starting on my own site called in the life of Bel. you are an inspiration and I have never forgotten you since the first time we spoke through WordPress. Since then you have had an everlasting appearance in my life through Instagram and WordPress. Thanks for inspiring me to get back on the blogging trip. It’s fun and I think it’s something healthy to do for those of us who might feel like we don’t have a voice sometimes. Have a good weekend! From Bel.

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