Do you remember me

Do you remember me now

The laughs we had, or the pain we shared

Our fathers never treated us right

So we looked for men in our lives

Who would


It’s not easy bearing the burden of youth

Who, while valiant and inspired, were poisoned

By the one meant to carry them the longest

Times have tried us, and the scars we carry

Are not painless, forgetful, or of mortality

Remember me for the pasts we run from?


Remember me for the posts I hid from you?

Possibly. Because I deserve every missed call

Every time you left me unread, a pang, yes

How else could you avenge my youthful

Ignorance, yes, still undeserved ramifications

I say your name, feel your name, hear

Your name, I can hardly believe you let me in

But I let myself out

I can’t have a relationship with you

Until I learn what’s wrong with me, jealousy

Believing myself to be better than him

Truthful? I’ll let time figure that out

And until then, I’ll keep myself inside

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