I Will

Glowing shadows piqued interest

To no avail were we satisfied

We’re another vessel, this is just another war

You are nothing more

Than history’s measuring stick

Stretching from footprints in mud

That we still don’t comprehend

To a race of people no longer in chains

But hardly free from a system whose revisions

Stiffened the load, tightened the noose

But of course, all of mankind made to slave

I loose count of those fearful of truth

Notwithstanding parents don’t teach youth

Blowback and fatback taught us pleasure

Gavels and graves taught us pain

My pregnant girl standing on our porch

She taught me patience

I can write poems all the live long day

(Believe me, I will)

But in sky, that’s the endgame, and how

Can we defend our future

From an uncertain past

Will we trudge on in solemn anarchy

Or join hands and breathe together

Together at last?

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