We call on it to save us

Help us forget the wrong choices

Silenced voices

Fretting over the loss of imaginary moments

Charted by notches on our wrists

Crisp suits, fresh ties, and a golden ring

Makes us feel so fine

But nobody asks when the winds come

And the storms blow our dreams

Into the next state, what do you own

Is your estate merely on earth

Or locked away in a soul with no bounds

Free me from the sickness of gravity

And this nightmare I’ve described


Give me something to think about

Other than the time I spend thinking

About how much time I’ve spent dying

The blood I’ve spilled, innocents I’ve killed

The dead I’ve willed to never rise again

Because I forgot to remember their sacrifice

So our ancestors forever die twice

Once, for them, and again, for us

For as long as we’re looking down

Can we ever see what’s truly above

And the love we seek is easily ignored

When you cannot comprehend who you are

What is joy really for

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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