There’s persistence in my thoughts

Spinning cyclical stories rising into the sky

Until I’m king of the clouds in my imagination

Because that’s the only place appreciative

Tears and toiling facial muscles are my slaves

Passive aggressive slander keeps me spoiled

I’m just too tender to make it in the world

So I burn myself to keep it out of my head

Black skin grows harder where it’s afraid

I just might test my strength again

I’m somewhat cynical, although intentional

I want to love ya but you think I’m weird

Broken? Absolutely. That’s how the light

Gets in

Terrified? Shit, have you seen my wires?

I’m jacked up there, down there, everywhere

So my words don’t flow right all the time

And I speak too fast cause I got a lot to say

What I’m getting at is that I want to grow


And do it…with you

Because I know you can change me

And maybe I can show that I’m not too lost

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