Silent, Somewhere

Dash down the sidewalk at 2 am, the streets never felt so hot. Pushing, panicking. This street never seemed so long. The car followed me at a steady pace. I looked back every few minutes to see if she’d let me go. She couldn’t let me go. I had enough of her monthly check-ups. Snapshots of dinners with her boyfriend. I just wanted someone like her, not her. I wanted a life like that, not this. I stopped to catch my breath. The car came to a sudden standstill. Panting, I gazed behind me. The driver side door opened slowly, and she brushed the hair from her face. She mouthed something that would have been incoherent to every other human being, but I, I knew what she wanted.

She wanted me back, but I didn’t want to go back. I would always be her new moon. Silent, still, but somewhere, there.

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