Feeling Better(?)

They don’t know

What they did

To me

I think, if they did

Would they stop


And apologize?

No. The world moves too fast

Too arrogantly to think

That building a bridge

To a young soul that really doesn’t matter

Is a useful expense of its time

It’s not surprising

That people shame those of us

Who struggle in social situations

And condemn us for our lack of empathy

Are the most inconsiderate of all

There’s a double standard, there’s a poison

Infiltrating the fibers of our humanity

It’s okay if I do it, but you can’t

And if you do, it’s okay, but it’s weird

We’ve got names to keep you in line

Keep you down, thinking you’ll never be alright

There’s times I wonder why I’m even alive

I mean, who brings someone into the world

Just to have them clowned every moment

Any time they do something unexpected

Any time they say something unprepared for

We live in such a scripted, such a lame world

I feel like the odd ones, the ones like me

Actually make it better, we add color to you

But you like being bland, you like boring

As long as it means your structure remains

I pity you, I pity your cynicism

But I don’t pity your pain

Cause you brought it on yourself

And you bring it upon us

As if it will make you feel better

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