Who We Are

The strings that bind are loose

The love that lies is loose

Among our throngs they collide

Our hearts are hostage to the times

Lips run red with an eerie cry

One of murder, mystery, and a hope

For salvation

Winter stubbornly vacates the premises

Yet my hands still feel so cold

I never want to believe, never want to change

Yet again and again I find myself alight

On the fervent energy of anger

And the restless malcontent of disappointment

I am forever fading, forever flaking

No longer able to pick up my pieces

Sweeping my ashes into different corners

And hope someone wonders who’s they are

One thought on “Who We Are

  1. That sentiment of being in anger
    and the restless malcontent
    is maybe your mind and body
    pointing something to circumvent

    Go back and take your heart
    don’t let it being hostage
    it is yours not meant to be in leases
    And also if it is broken
    you’re not alone
    to pick up all the pieces!

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