What It Needs

I never know

What I’m going to write about

Some days

I just plop down whatever words

Come to mind

Sometimes they come to me

As I’m in action

Other times, long after it’s happened

My favorite lines

Are the ones that I never expect to breathe

The ones that ride on tears

As they leave my eyes, knowing they’re free

Locked up pain I release into heaven

No longer capable of weighing me down

I used to have a hard time forgiving

I used to want revenge on everyone

Because I thought I had to

My ego insisted I needed to take action

When the best course of action

Is often none taken at all

I take insults worth a grain of salt

Because I know I am not the source of their pain

Simply a conduit of release

Rather than bidding them heaps of curses

I hope they find the peace I did

It’s not the pain that changes you

But the recovery

And through my metamorphosis

I’ve found a new sense of compassion

For the world, for my self, for the future

The world doesn’t need technology

It doesn’t need a new breed of human

It simply needs you to stop thinking

You’re the one that knows what it needs

3 thoughts on “What It Needs

  1. I love the lines “It’s not the pain that changes you but the recovery.” That struck a chord in me and I’m going to think about that some more. At the moment I’m thinking about my recovery this year from some broken bones, but I could also consider my recovery from a heartbreak. In both instances, it was the recovery that showed me different aspects to my personality that I hadn’t known before.

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