Seeing Myself

I see not my breath, but I know it exists

I see not my heart, but feel it beating

So too I do not see god, but know he is there

No mystical mystery, no need for a ceremony

Just a walk outside my door to embrace

The integral harmony in all I do and see

How everything is made to work together

For each other, not against

It’s hard being human, imperfect and dirty

Underneath clouds that give us life

And a sun that gives us light

Impossible to comprehend it all

And it seems like all I do is fall

How easy is it to remain subject

To whims of slave masters unseen

When I am created to rise above

I have a million dreams, and I am free in all

I live

To fight and keep my breath unadulterated

Darkness surrounds and seeks to permeate

The fabric of my integrity

Life feels so much deeper now

That I’m older, I see loopholes

I see fatigue, I see a mess of me

I see misery

I see


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