Deep Down

I’m not best friend

Or any friend

But I am something better

An observer

Without being caught up in your mistakes

I see what not to make

Of failure and rejection

That growth comes with fateful misdirections

Life’s a jet sweep

And I’m a helpless defender on the edge

Trying to play all my responsibilities

But knowing deep down, I’m a failure

In every one

Don’t put the doctor on the phone

I’ll never make any sense

I’m just spewing my heart, pain contained

So long that it’s just coming out of every hole

Every tiny crack I never thought was there

I’m not as strong as I think myself to be

But I’m not as weak as I used to be

Sometimes life is about finding a middle ground

I know it sounds lowly, but every seed

Starts underneath of us

Before it becomes a giver of life

To all of us

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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