Edge Of Tomorrow

This is it

The edge of tomorrow

I told you how much I loved you

How much I cared

You nodded, but left me by the wayside

I nodded, but kneeled on the inside

My watches stopped, my heart nearly crept

Into the shell of my soul and passed out

They told me it would end this way

But I never had a doubt we’d rise above it

They told me we were never meant to be

And now it’s come true, only now do I see

They were right, we were wrong


I was

I never considered your present

Was a matriculated accumulation of shit

From a past that wasn’t yours to create

Or a choice to be emulated

You’re a refugee in your own body

A war veteran of a country not even yours

Yet you wake, yet you smiled

And told me everything was just fine

Either you’re a warrior, a hero

Or the most irrational human being

I’ve ever known

They told me what you’re going through

So maybe you need some time

You need to be alone

And I need to be alone with my own mind

Reminding me of the things we shared

And the world’s we didn’t

But just remember, I’m always ready to listen

I’m hardly consistent, but consistently hard

Headed towards the door with another rhyme

Remember you through these words any time

So if you’re ever ready again

It’ll be as if we never left

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