They left you
Left you in the dust
To swallow all the rage of a tormented sea
And perish you would, loving everything
And losing it all
They left you
To rock yourself out of the fever
The layers of fear, worry, hurt, and brokenness
Building inside of you, around you
You’re here, inside of the petrie dish
You can see them tinkering with your heart
Mesmerized by your curiosity and openness
To new people
It’s easy to abuse that which cannot say
And easier if they never know they can
Say no
But I say yes to you
Tonight and every night
I didn’t see what set you apart at first
But it was there, and we were there
Learning that we found ourselves more alike
Than the outside would suggest
The words come out hastily when I’m in love
But poetically when I know
That what I’m feeling is real
I used to fear the returned gaze
I used to fear what may happen
If someone ever cared for me back
But someone stirred my heart
And found my mind receptive
They changed it
You changed me
And I’ll love you forever
Because of it
Of us

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