Obstructed Views

Maybe I saw too much into you

Maybe I

Let myself go, when it came to girls

I would always go above and beyond

Hoping they’d see me as someone different



But I’d get ahead of myself, and prove

To be clueless and haphazardly attentive

Scattered not in appearance, but inside

The mind they try so hard to find a way in

I’ve always walked on the outside

And while each year seems to close the gap

There seems to always be a fine line

That I can never cross

Maybe I see too much into you

And not enough into myself

You see that I’m shaking, nearly shattered

I’m not worthy your time, this time

Or any

Maybe this is the life I’m meant to lead

And you’re just waiting for someone else

Just waiting for me to realize

You don’t want me, and never will

Just waiting for me realize

Nobody ever has, and probably ever will

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