On My Back

I carry my demons on my back

Disguised as friends of my own mind

I carry devils dressed as my lovers

My exes, and my accomplices

I carry vicious memories dazzled in delight

When I was young, bad seemed glorious

I etched my name through the victorious

Misgivings of misdeeds for attention

For some reason bad gets more than good

I carry abuse and absolute ignorance

In my heart, there is blood that will not flow

And thoughts that are too ill to speak

I cannot comprehend the depths

That my soul will go to stir my past

And remind me of the creature that I was

Today is the yesterday that tomorrow was

In spite of all my apologies I cannot ignore

That the deeds have been done

Trust undone, appease the masses gone awry

Look at what I have become

Don’t for a second stare a moment longer

Instead watch the mask cover my face

The devils pick up their tails

As I carry them across my eternal desert

Without a place to call home

Anywhere to rest

I really am on my own

For the worst, and best

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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