To Be Torn

It’s never enough to just walk away

You have to cut me as you go

Bleed me as you careen down the slope

Of all the problems you let mount

On top of me, you laid your cross

Skull and bones, you made your mark

Upon my heart you chose to rot

And cast your soul into the flames of hell

At the price of you, the devil let you take me

For a ride I could not fall off or stop

I could only watch from the clouds

As the whole world seemed to melt away

Into a sea of black my eyes began to sparkle

Being the only source of light I knew

If this is love then I wanted nothing more

Then I woke up to feet sunk through the floor

I screamed but they only slammed the door

Burning anguish collecting in my core

I thought she would simply let me go

But no

My body had to be torn

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