Fortitude and Sense

Even now as I watch the skies turn gray

And feel the thunderheads collecting

As the rain threatens to drown out the sun

All of me rests in solemn peace

Even as the people bicker and bustle

Feigning preparation for the darkness ahead

As the night draws near and reaches her knife

Underneath our virgin throats and says be still

I can only think of what is here, what is now

No storm arouses my fear

Because the greatest is that which is inside

I choose to conquer that one before any other

I board up my soul from the arrows of doubt

And marry my heart to truth and not the blood

Flawed failures try to extract from my mind

They are shallow pools of algae

And hollowed out tree stumps

Uprooted in the weakest of storms

Because the lack the fortitude to endure

And the sense to know that they can

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