Time stamps IED’s on the hearts of the young

Beeping, brooding underneath the skin

Finish me, finish me, she screams in the dark

Take all that is yours, then take what is theirs

Never too early to steal a night, never too late

To trample on the right

Because you can never be done serving

The wishes in the well of a heart gone awry

The depth of the heart ready to say goodbye

Is inconceivable to the living, but poignant

To the half-alive, I spell out the blood flow

Of the line I tread, each night I dread

The needs and demands of tomorrow

Could I just stay in bed and watch the stars

Multiply above my head, with no need to work

No need to slave, and actually enjoy

One of these fleeting days

There’s always so much to do

And always so little time

I no longer wonder why some

Would rather not even try

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