If You Don’t Need Me

It’s okay

It’s fine if you don’t love me

I’m just a friend

Just a quiet, distant friend

You’ll never need me the way I need you

I just need someone to tell I’ll be okay

Because I’m always unsure of tomorrow

When the choice to end it all seems so close

And being loved by someone like you is so far

I wonder if they’ll really miss me

I wonder who would really care

Just another name in the paper

Another graving on a stone

It’s okay

It’s fine if you don’t need me

I hardly need myself

I don’t listen, I ignore, I can’t hear myself

Feel the roar inside as I fight back with time

One moment, one day, it’ll all be mine

My nature is transparent and shifting

I can be loving, I can be vicious and cruel

Or I can be silent and deadly, ready to strike

It’s okay if you don’t understand

I don’t either

And it makes me sad I can’t find those who do

But what

Can I do

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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