She Will

She will be loved

From the inside of these rotting bars

The smile you seek resides

Deep within my aorta

She will be adored

Behind the precautionary stares

The gentile you long for resides

Underneath the plain countenance ignored

I write about her, underneath no guise

No pen name, just nameless admiration

And friendship I never thought I could have

Overlooked for so long, I finally have a place

And it’s so beautiful

And so she will forever be

Before I knew her, she was

And long after, she will remain

If I was to walk my life with her

I would call myself more lucky than any ever

But if she were to choose another

I would be more lucky than any ever

It’s not just her body or smile that delights

But the fact she chose me even once

To be included in her atmosphere

Is cause for celebration endless

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