There’s not a name I could give you

That would do anything justice

The gravity of what’s come to pass needs

A remembrance equal to its magnitude

Stallion riding roughshod over carcass

Remote but easily pained and pressured

Not into decisions, but indecision

The more I see, the more I waver, the more

I stand still, oppressed by ignorance

And confidence suppressed by memory

Refusing to come out and greet the day

I could call you today, but that would be

Disgraceful to all of today, which is unfinished

I could call you tomorrow

But that would assume the absence

Of all good

Instead, I’ll call you never and ever

There only when it occurs

Everywhere it occurs

3 thoughts on “Nameless

  1. Whoa, this is too deep. I can’t even fathom the meaning of this poem but I can’t stop reading. Wow.

    Hey, it would really be awesome if you could visit my page, don’t hesitate to connect with me, I am Ragazza. 🙂

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