Scintillating Memories


During the weekend, I put out a call for writing collaborations to pass the time during what’s been a fairly wet and somewhat dreary time of year. I haven’t done too many collabs (although that’s something I really wanted to change). Fortunately, I know a few good writers not only here but through my Instagram page. One of my favorites, Emily Hayes (who goes by E.R. Hayes on her insta), was eager to join forces. We wound up writing three distinct pieces, and I was thrilled to write and discuss words feedback. Her bio is short but poignant, as she states I’m just a 17 year old trying to make a positive impact on the world through my writing. I always applaud fellow young writers who want to leave their mark through words, especially when they’re as talented as Emily. You can find more of her fantastic words here Emily Hayes. This piece is the second of a three part series. You can read the first here, Death Plays a Quivering Chord


Someday we’ll realize the
Children are our future so
Instead of sheltering them we’ll
Nurture their curiosity and
Teach them the world is cruel
In more ways than one
Life is cruel
Love is cruel
All of this cruel but
There needs to be pain and sacrifice
In order to achieve
Newfound respect and
Gratitude for those little moments of


Maybe I’m too young to appreciate the sun
Ever as it sets, so do I sometimes forget
Maybe I take everything for granted
Or I take nothing, afraid to leave my mark
Rest assured one day I set my face to Mars
Inside of my mind I’m ascending ladders
Ever as we orbit, I make plans that ignore it
Space is a fraction of what we see, and I
want it all

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