Heaven Knows

Heaven knows I’m past the age of redemption
And hell knows I’m far too young
To place a reservation
Strapped to eclectic chairs of electric insanity
Watching people torment and torture
Revoke and revolt at the issues they allowed
To boil over and burn them in their indecency
If you hate the president your country elected
Leave it
If you don’t like the life you’ve created
Change it
Or kill it
There’s very, very little in between
Complaints rising unto heaven, Lord bless
These shallow hearts and wrecked minds
Reserve me not a spot in paradise
Nor a bullet to escape the world I’ve created
But rather a pen and a map to reshape it
Every day I fall and create pitfalls for others
So too everyday I must rebuild and replenish
Or else fail what I was sent to recover
Earth feels too small sometimes, for me
There’s not enough new to see
Everyone enjoys recycled news, stolen bits
And lame-duck candidates who fail us all
Somehow I wake up each day and hope
That the sky will be a different color
Clouds will mingle with the ground
And gravity will disappear
I’m tired of doing the same things
And that’s why I write
To create the world I know can exist
Without everyone else set to ruin it

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