Speaking To God

They don’t know what fuels me

Or drives me into extinction

What causes my blood to boil, skin to crawl

Or leap from my bones in delight

At the sight of a new day, full of possibility

Or the death of a brother, slain on the streets

I still feel the sun’s rays

I still feel the bullet leaving the chamber

And in both I find both peace and anger

That the end of one is the beginning of another

And each brings the promise of redemption

And vengeance

Sometimes I remain silent and watch

As the universe guides my enemies into fire

But other times

It guides them to me

Because I was put here to change

And death often doesn’t accomplish

What a touching light can do

So I embrace my foe, often more so than friend

Because they are already one with me

But this day is the ark

The flood is time

And I am Noah

Speaking to god on the mountaintop

Please find but a few righteous

So that I may not watch my brothers perish

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