Misery Loves Me

You don’t want the light in
You’d rather be miserable
Getting attention from everyone around
The support stemming from desperation
Is almost worth being desperate
And penniless piles of weak smiles
Forced laughter
On top of a melancholy life
Are washed away for only moments at a time
The encouragement and support
Hardly outweigh the demons
Misery loves company, but few companies
Accompany misery
For it is a heavy burden, and a worthless one
Yet I see the masses embrace the slavery
I see them beat each other for a chance
To be at the top of the pity party
I see them throwing one another overboard
So the ship will sail faster, and they
Will have their reward of sorrow and sayings
“Hope you get better”, “prayers up”, and
“Love you so much”
Those words have never meant less
To those doing even less
Because until you find the root
The weeds will always grow back
Until you find the death
You can’t give anyone proper life
They will always be uprooted and erased
Swallowed up by a darkness they cannot see
A friend they cannot name
A heartbeat they cannot claim

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