What Comes Next

How could I know they would betray me

All this time I thought we were inseparable

All this time

I thought we’d go to the end of line

But that line has been drawn suddenly

And it is here

Where we must depart

Going separate ways is in many ways foreign

To someone who has always had you by me

I’ve always made expensive mistakes

And you’ve paid each and every one of them

Maybe that’s why you have to leave

Because I pushed you away

Too soon I acted, too quick I reacted

And now I’m watching you leave, forever


I didn’t know how to have friends, so I gained

Didn’t know how to keep, so I lost

Didn’t how I could die, so I lived

Now I’ve lived too much

You know what comes next

9 thoughts on “What Comes Next

      1. More people like my reblogs than me—not unusual. My job was eliminated and I’ve applied for Disability. Big personal changes—more time at home bugt less blogging—which seems a good thing forcing me out into the world for socialization primarily at c hurch. Still blogging–as you see!

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  1. Really was moved by this poem!! Awesome, My Friend! So many lines to love but really liked this one – “I’ve always made expensive mistakes”! And not just dollarwise, emotionally, physically etc. Loved that thought!!! Thanks so much for sharing this raw and powerful piece!! Bravo! Bravo, My Friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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