Young (White) Girls

We don’t know what to do

With these white girls

We always see them in positions of power

And idolized by the media, they appear

To be better, the best of what females

Have to offer

They’re beautiful, they’re sexy

Fantastical minks that must be studied

And slept with

Mixed with the potions of danger

Being white, being majority, being opposite

Of what we’ve been taught

And the “reason” we’re behind

They’re dangerous, they’re dominant

Curious objects that must be conquered

And smitten by

But we’re clueless

And useless

In the face of prizes never had, or worse

Never earned

And when they come running to us

We’re speechless, or worse


To release the animal that drives our women

To running, to the police

I hear you, feel for you, and hope for you

Finding the true heartbeat amidst all the sound

Can be difficult, impossible

But when they open their eyes when you say it

That knocks one off your list

They may appease, but never should they

Be counted among your wishes

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