Hell Is Already Here

Chalk outlines color my world

I see neither black, nor white

But an endless cacophony

Of lovers and unlovable

Slaves without owners

And music of children too young to understand

The world they’ve been born in is not pure

Yet they drink anyway

And the words they are taught are vile

Yet they write books till they reach heaven

I am no saint, but simple observer

And I see


Setbacks sting, swords in our backs in the night

But recovery is just a twilight away

Too many lose hope, and take their lives away

Thinking the other side will be safer, sooner

And they realize heaven is already here

So is hell

Earth is what you make of it

Fire and brimstone, or angels singing psalms

Lost in politics and sport

We forget what’s right

Lost in the fight for rights

We lose our lives

6 thoughts on “Hell Is Already Here

  1. This is so damn good Devereaux! You just keep getting better and stronger with each post. Not only your writing, but your outlook and understanding of what’s happening all around you!

    Liked by 1 person

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