The pitfalls of being man

Any man

Are not easily explained

It seems we have come under attack

From within, and from abroad

Imperfect are our motives, yes

Faulty have been our reasonings

But to say we are wrong

Simply because we are men

That is cruel

I see black men being blamed for murder

And white men accused of holding them down

I believe wrong is wrong

Regardless of race or creed

Morals don’t come pre-packaged with us

But existed before

And make our existence plausible


And persistent

It pains me to hear women say we have rights

They don’t

When we’re less likely to be granted custody of children

More likely to die on the job

And end up homeless

I see no privilege in that

4 thoughts on “Men

  1. I agree with you, up to a certain point. I think women’s rights came into being because they had no rights at all, and now that they do have more rights than they used to, it is time to address the inequalities in the treatment of both genders, and address all cases as individual human cases, not judge by a stereotype. But that being said, in the grand scheme of things, men always had rights over women, until only just recently. But yes, we are all human, and should be treated as such!

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