Presence Of The Moon

Deny me


Breath, not my own, but neither yours

To wrangle from my passionate lungs

Beating with every fiber of universe


Is my words, in my words, becoming fire

Sending alight all the vipers

From around my neck and those around me

Including you

Bastard, yes you

Never mind what you did to me

But hark and reconcile the deaths of my love

She was flaw

Flawed in conception, and the misconceptions

Depressed her, suppressed her beauty

Hidden underneath the red reign of her hair

Can you repair? Can you replace?

There is no one like her, never

Never refurbished nor remade

It is not her body that drew me to dance

Or the space between her bosom

That caused me to stumble and fall

It was everything you killed that gave me life

The goodness, the humility

The kindness, and ingenuity

Will to die for everyone alive

Living because of everyone who died

I shed tears in the night

In the presence of the moon

Create for me a stronger heart

So I can bear the immortal mortality

Of my young eyes

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