Fitting In

Fit right in

Outside the depth

The darkness of humanity

Ignore the calamity, here’s a football game

Check out this nice pass

Demi Mawby’s nice rack

Here’s some slips of useless green paper

We call it cash

But long time ago it was backed by gold

Now it’s backed by nothing

Worthless, yet we deceive for it

Kill for it

It’s amazing what we do

So much for so little, we think ourselves value

But we’re nothing but meager dribbles

In the buckets the cosmos rain down

Sit right here

Class is in session

Humans have advanced to the point

Where we’ve regressed

America’s in a recession

Not because of Trump

Or the “supremacy” of white men

But because we forgot our values

We forgot what makes life worth living

Freedom, not because of a flag

But because of a God

Because of the essence of soul within

Given not by presidents nor parents

But the universe itself

Before you go

Remember not just who you live for

But why you live for them

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