Not Seen

I see it

In your eyes

And feel it

In the beatings of your words

Typing away at the shell around your heart

It doesn’t take an army

Just two to part

Sometimes I wondered if you would speak

Other times, I wish I’d asked

Because I know what isolation feels like

When you’re truly alone, you’re invisible

I wouldn’t want that to pass

Over you or anyone I truly cared about

The threads between our heart and mind

Are fragile and beautiful at the same time

Just as this rhyme digs deep inside

Venom claws away when the blood boils

People are a toil, dreams aren’t reality

And I can’t be what everyone wants me to be

I have aspergers, I don’t connect with people

I struggle to read body language

And social cues

I try to hit on girls not interested

I don’t even see the ones that are

(If you ever existed)

But I would be remiss if I said I wasn’t happy

No, I am ecstatic

Not at being a statistic

Not at being another puzzle

But at being free

No matter what they want from me

I will only be


4 thoughts on “Not Seen

        1. Yeah. I always feel weird writing about aspergers…just saying it, really. Not because it’s a weird word, it just conjures up a lot of things…I didn’t know where that came from, either. I normally don’t. That’s what makes it fun 😅

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