I Am Nothing

I am nothing

Lying in the darkness

Angels long departed

Limbs retarded by the storm

Feelings discarded by everyone

Nobody cares why I do

Only that I do

And if it is wrong they rain upon me insults

Exclamations and presumptions

Any of which was accurate I would accept

But they are merely innocuous visions

Of a man they never once knew

Nothing and no one could prevent their beliefs

But they insist them upon me, every moment

I should laugh when they laugh

Curse when they curse

And meddle in the meticulous paradings

Of boys dressed as men

Forgive me if I am not amused

But instead stand in shock of your misery

To sell shallow dreams for the price of a soul

To ask for a soda when you need a meal

Pitiable is a species who can reach the stars

Yet not find food for one hungry man

Wretched is a species that knows it sins

Yet spurns the needy anyway

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