Whisper to me

If you would but listen

I would take you to the end of the world

Time is a spectre of our finality

But together we can last forever

The breasts on which I lay my head

Is a portal to worlds unknown to men

Softly you trace my heart

Tender hands are the key to my servitude

I align myself with your body

Eyes locked into each other, tongues awash

In remembering the love we shared last night

The coffee on your breath engulfs my nostrils

And I taste the bitter regret locked away

Hide it down, deep down, but you can’t hide

Never, my head searches your innermost being

Kissing the pretty pink lips of your womanhood

Biting in earnest to bring you back

Reeling the tears out of your portal eyes

I land a million kisses upon your cheeks

Each one deeper than the first

I feel your nails digging into my back

And thighs that just won’t be still

When we’re locked together, like this

There’s nothing I would leave hidden

And everything I would miss

Just to share this moment with you

To bring you comfort and pain

Morning glory and evening rain

Flaud as you are

There’s something that pulls me closer

And I can’t let it go

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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