Essence Of Soul

Identity is the essence of soul

When you think to know who I am

You’re rolling 40s and 50s, you can’t bowl

Strike a match on my hotspot and watch me

Spare me the drama and exasperation

Autism spectrum disorders aren’t your cup of tea

But your incessant ignorance isn’t mine

And I don’t want to see your gasps and glares

Whispering needles into your flesh

And undoing the stitches, you howl in pain

I stand beneath the thunderclouds and insane

Beating my chest, puncturing the sky

With blood curdling cries drenched in rain

I stand alone but I stand at home

I need no confirmation, I am clear to roam

For the passion and power to fuel the fire

Watching my brothers get shot dead, lighter

Tossed on the foliage of poetry, fighter

Not with fists, but with everlasting words

From the tips of my fingers across every ocean

You will know my name and its pain

This bezerk, bad flirt, childhood full of hurt

Last picked for anything, rejected by all girls

First to challenge the authority, ask questions

Not satisfied with what the world offers

I’ll eventually need a coffer for a dead carcass

But until then I’m gonna write my way through Seeing the trees, missing the forest

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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