Sometimes, I can’t help myself

I just want to be noticed

I sit back in the shadows, listening

Pondering the words of those around me

Writing them down to question later

Or to inspire another line

The louder wins, the boldest wins

The angriest wins, the cunningest wins

But what if I am of all them and none?

Some days I am bold and reckless

Others timid and reluctant

A mighty pendulum I sway on any given day

And you might hate me for it

You can’t read me, deceive me, figure me

That’s fine, I can’t read you either

As we are nothing but phantoms

Of the others wishes

Two apparitions of the night

4 thoughts on “Apparitions

    1. I feel like it’s the latter most of the time. At least with me, anyway. People see me and have their expectations, and then they try to project them into me. It’s troublesome to say the least. 😒😒


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