Back To The Drawing Board

Back to the drawing board

‘Ol drawing board

Where I pour out all my issues and emotions

One of the few things to which I show devotion

One line, two lines, ten lines, it’s quite a potion

Next moment I’ve lost track of three hours

They’re screaming at me three times louder

I can hear them from the basement shower

And echo from the hilltop tower

I can hear the raining in my head, and my eyes

Are like windows left open in the summer

The tears pour from the inside, paper not dry

Every single drop is a little wish of goodbye

Every single ruined page is another lie

That you discover

I’m not unlike any other


It hurts, the cyclones, hurricanes in my head

Beating the inside till I’m speechless and numb

But the fatal flaws are hardly awake but livid

And they seek out my innocence, want it dead

These words are a plea for help from it all

I can’t catch myself, so I just might fall

15 thoughts on “Back To The Drawing Board

  1. Keep all your letters, they are rungs on this ladder…trophies.. Keep trying and meanwhile submit to as many (online) literary and other magazines that take your work. Build a healthy back catalogue (make a good CV for them to consider to back up your manuscripts.) it gives them an idea of commitment, hard work and devotion.

    Good luck!

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  2. Here’s a magazine you might be interested in – for writers and poets and such. Great industry mag to know.

    If ever can be afforded, Writer’s Market is great to find publications to submit to with their guidelines included:

    and Poets & Writers is another subscription that I love to find other folks and markets to submit to as well –

    IDK if it still exists, but will try and find it- a free weekly email with the latest calls for poets and writers to submit their work and which publications are accepting and such. Will see if I can find it. 🙂

    and this book is amazing:

    Keep up the great work. Chin up and be proud, you are fabulous for sending in your poetry. Fabulous!!!

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  3. Wow that was an incredibly well-written rejection letter. Keep up at it — it can take hundreds and hundreds of submissions before getting picked up. I’m so dang proud that you are submitting your work and going through this cycle of publishing your poetry. Rejections aren’t easy, but they are proof of your effort and that first acceptance letter is so awesome when you get it. keep it up! awesome stuff!!!

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  4. Don’t despair even though you may want to. Please, keep writing. You do have what it takes. There are many writers who are famous today but even their work was first rejected. I know it’s a stale, tired saying, but, “Try, try and try again!” You will persevere! You will NOT fail! So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep writing and keep sending out that manuscript!

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  5. So many writers don’t even submit their work because they fear rejection. IMO, those rejection letters are steps that you’ve climbed on your way to the summit🏔 I believe you’ll get there. Your writing is too beautiful and too powerful not to soar🕊

    rejection still sucks😟

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