Hunt Me Down

Hunt me down

Till I hit the ground

I can hear the sound

Chains wrapped around

My wrists, ankles, thighs

Put a board around my neck

Admonish me for rest

And proclaim my endurance to be the best

Because of my muscles

And my back

But I am just as you

With the care and compassion that you lack

It is because I’m black

That you haunt my days

That you slash my face

And take my family away

My women subjected to rape

And children they never did take

To create a new life

Only tie them up and push them down

Into the river, hear the sounds

Of their tears, of their fears

Awash in the blood of the master

Who knows no fear

And you say God favors your skin

Killing us is his very whim

Black is your white stag

Today I’m forced to take up a sport

Because otherwise I’m queer

And those that are, they’re shoved afar

Because they’re all afraid to hear

What a young black woman

Or a young black man

Will say when you remove their fear

And let them see the strength they have inside

The whites die

The power structure cries

And their chains are lifted into the sky

Because I am your white stag

But I know the oceans that were crossed

And in the plantations we suffered loss

But today is a day to remember who we are

And forever will be

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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