Wishing You A Happy Death Day

63 dreams for sale

Taking you east, and you can’t fail

Then do not enter

Waking up is no miracle

Only a frivolous curse

Come in, we’re open

Now where should we cut first

Grilling your everything, even what you’re not

You run around the earth, hoping it’ll stop

Highland is lowland for everyone not rich

Cut your schedules, shorten your days

Yet claim to appreciate, you little bitch

Community? Nobody thinks alike

And press hard enough, you’ll die

Art is a token of intelligence

But snorting condoms is a trend

So it’s no wonder we can’t ride or write

And hardly defend this country’s worth

You’ve heard it once, now hear it again

There’s nothing fabulous about ignorance

Don’t slam my instagram with your two cents

Kids die so the rich stay rich

Black people die cause they hate us anyway

Gays spawn laughs cause it’s 1949

Women, stay at home until you die

We’re so fucked up in every way

Sometimes I want someone

To wish us a happy death day

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