Live While You Can, Love While You’re Free

Fleeting is the fostering

Of children

When the love between two goes south

The funeral home is awaiting the toll

But your children hardly grow old

Only in fingers passed through rings

Or bars they’ve stood behind

Orange isn’t a color for everyone

So stop sending them away, please

Fate wouldn’t seem to mind

But the bridge to redemption

Is running out of time

Worldwide calamity dawned by professionals

(There’s a cat missing

His name is hobo

I’m not sure I’m too surprised anymore)

Downtowns crowded with the homeless

While the March for our lives is mocked

Why do they do it when nobody cares

Brewing for a fight, politicians use puppets

Breath and bones never comprehended

To my fellow youth, this is a one way street

So rise up, scream until the rocks cry out

Live while you can


While you’re free

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