Remove Humanity, Remove Sin

Shuttle me to chapel street

Tackle my desire to trade in eternity

For bad decisions

Baltimore city drowns in ports of poor

Drinking but never quenched

Eating yet having room for more

The bank of nationwide luck is closed

But the bar stays open all the time

Take out on the corner for a dream

And I know she’s down to buy

But the tax on freedom is a little extra

And I’m on the wrong pay cycle

Knees Sam Bradford, can hardly stick around

There’s apartments galore

Yet few homes in this town

The church asks for money

The pastor asks for money

The stripper asks for money

The president asks for money

Is there no one who loves for who we are

And doesn’t attach a price tag to breath?

The perks of those Stars and Stripes

The cunning of Ford and Toyota

Death machines

Not in service, the marvel of America fails again

State law is just a bandaid

Remove humanity, remove the sin

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