Everyone I Do This For

Sitting in the corner of my life

I’ve relegated myself to a timeout

I’m making bad decisions

I keep making bad decisions

Gaining yet losing

I just can’t get everything right

And why should I

I’m just human

But I know what I’m capable of

Frustrated when I fall

Shamed that I need to call for help

Walk on my own, I need no crutch

Climb out of the dungeon without a clutch

Just willpower through every hour

Spouting like a flower in the soil of sin

I lose all my beauty when I come up for air

Poisoned ground can’t nurture me

Wicked waters only stir my demons

Seduced by dreams when I breathe in

I love trying every position

New girl, new scene, it’s all the same to me

Tainted and tantalized by my reflection

I lose sight of what matters

Rather, who matters, and that’s all of you

Everyone I do this for

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