Words Collapse Boundaries Of Mind

Pour it out

On the streets, into their homes

Into the oceans, into their clothes

Wash their brains, rinse the craniums

These words are me

And I am made of them

Through pain and panic, they’ve built walls

To the outside world that doesn’t accept me

Through loss and longing, they’ve built roads

To the inside world that doesn’t correct me

But burns every time I move

Twitching, stinging until I adjust my thoughts

Attuned to the right waves, I am unstoppable

At least inside this room, I am loved

Inside this balloon, I can talk with anyone

Through regulation and regret pushed aside

I try to catch up to the present time

I’m still living in the past

Because I took so long to figure me out

Because I took so long stamping out doubt

Because I don’t really know where I’m going

But I enjoy the journey

And laughing all the way

Until my resting place, when I’ve finished

But today is not that day

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