Headfirst Slide Into Quarryville On A Dare

Cast a spell over a city

Sudden fondness develops an entity

That warms every part of me

Boy meets girl, I’m reluctant to speak

Girl speaks first, and I hide what she can see

Broken before, I can’t open the door

Though there’s more to her, so much to know

There’s more to her than what meets the eye

Softly sitting hair, ravishing smile

Spinning closer and closer in her gravity

I think I could stay here for a while

There’s times when I get flustered

And in her presence, my lack seems to muster

All of it’s envy and disappointment

But it’s the essence of her beauty

That doesn’t shine on the outside

But through the outside inside

I can only sigh, she makes this place better

I can only smile, she makes me better

I don’t know how, and there’s not a Why

But I love this feeling, that much I know

It’s not a rush, it’s not a high

It’s the quiet consolation of a lullaby

The silent chronicle of chance

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