Walk Out…Of The Darkness Of Conscious

They walk out

Where I walk in

Limited knowledge of the system

Is where the system gets the final win

Reform of any kind in this country

Requires white skin and lots

Lots of money

That’s the system

And we’re all the victims

You think that missing school

Brings them back

The power is grateful for your ignorance

It means they’ve done their task

You’re better off forgetting, cause they’re already dead

To the men and women at the head

That’s politics

And I hate all of it

Riot until you bleed

Protest until you die

You’re all just noisy gongs

Penetrating their swan song

“Yes, we care”

“Away with the NRA”

Yesterday was not it, tomorrow isn’t either

That’s just humanity

And I hate most of it

People die everyday, what makes 17 special

What separates their deaths

And those of the aborted?


It was convenient for those kids to die

So who’s really telling the truth

And telling the lie?


Heavy sigh

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