Will You Come With?

Where the sand touches the sea

Where the breeze runs free

Where there’s not a cloud in the sky

And waves lap a calming lullaby

Where you collect shells and sort them

And sip drinks with pineapple garnish

Where little children go off to swim

And the smoke of man does little to tarnish

Where evening skies are purple, blue, gray

And twilight invites the young and restless

Where I’d like to go with you one day

To be young, free, and forget our messes

When I feel down, I think of the warm sun

Sweating away my darkest nights

The evil swelters in the presence of light

It cannot dwell in me, it is undone

When I feel alone, I think of your smile

Delighting my pen, rejuvenating glory

A river flowing, I write as the Nile

The ending to the beginning of our new story

Where the sun sets, and our eyes close

Time rolls back, there’s nothing left

I will say of your love I was proud to know

Now I can be at peace, and finally rest

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