We Don’t Ask Questions

Why don’t we ask more questions

Why do we do that

Just do

Just doing enough to get by

Just doing enough to make a living

Just enough to feed our wives and children

Enough to be buried

When you’ve had enough

And forgotten

When they’ve had enough

Tell me a story, they ask me

Tell me about yourself

Where do you see yourself in five years

I’m haunted and hungry

Afraid and advancing

Possibly dead, thank you

I don’t talk about my abuse

Because everybody does these days

Somebody questions your logic

And the media calls it rape

I’m not special, yet I’m specially equipped

To say fuck you

Fuck you and your first world problems

Brothers and sisters dying on these streets

But your whole world falls apart

At the mention of a white man

I don’t mind the patriarchy, but if I didn’t

I’d have a better plan than screaming into the air

There’s so many people I’m furious at

So what else would you like to know about me?

We stopped asking questions

Because we got stupid

Millennials get triggered

The real world wasn’t made for feminist snowflakes

I’m surrounded by too many

Drowning in protest and riot

And they’re fighting the wrong fight

They’re wasting their lives

I’ve had enough

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