Reinstate Jim Crow

I hate people that feel entitled

Fuck if I don’t invite you

Fuck if the world doesn’t give to you

We’re born to everything

But granted nothing

Breath is temporary, life is a gift

Time is a tool, but even the greatest craftsmen

Have accidents

My ancestors were slaves, man

I know what it’s like to work

We had whole kingdoms brought to their knees

And it was from those knees we created a new world

Hands calloused and cracked, we begat a new beginning

A path I walk in, regrettably so

Because the remorse of the lives they use to know

Is a great burden to bear

When I watch how we’re treated

Shackled and segregated

As if we never left the plantation

I’m still down in Alabama, sweating away

I’m still down in Georgia, watching my wife

Getting taken in the ass by the master

I’m still in South Carolina, watching the skin of my children being stripped away

Fuck these terrors, these nightmares

Getting beaten and murdered by the police

Oh wait, this is no dream

But what the daylight encourages me to see

reinstall Jim Crow

nothing changed

4 thoughts on “Reinstate Jim Crow

  1. You Are Not Afraid to Express How You Feel.
    That’s A Most Important Way to Grow.
    It’s worth noting at least for Those
    Who follow along with A Story…
    there was once A man
    Who emptied His
    Pockets with
    Who were also
    Homeless Men who went out then
    in the Desert Country Land to spread
    A story of Hope and Love.. True.. they Felt
    Entitled as Humanity to Rely on the Kindness of
    Strangers to Feed Them and Shelter Them on tHeir
    Way to Spread Love and Hope.. Some Folks Welcomed
    Them and some folks did not.. according to that 2K Year Old
    Story.. and for those who did not welcome them.. they just shook that
    dirt off their sandals and moved on to desert soil that flourished more Green
    With Love.. True too.. those folks who established Jim Crow and Segregation
    followed more along with an Old Testament Story from 3K years or so ago total..
    And used
    Words of
    to Establish
    A Continuing Monarchy Nowthen
    Over Others to Slave Them Thenow
    For A Master’s Please.. Thing Is.. True
    This Is Nature And No Myth and No Lie
    At All For It Is The Love We Live that Heals
    Us and anything away from That that makes
    Us Sick and Ages us and Brings us to an Earlier
    Demise and Even a Hell on Earth Now of our Making
    that we do make together too in misery loves company
    where the other place may be Heaven of Joy Loves Company
    if we don’t mind
    Actually Acting
    On Unconditional
    F E A R L E S S
    Love rather than
    just speaking to it
    And never actually clothing
    and feeding the poor and sure those
    who have invisible disabilities that some of
    us may have never experienced before that may
    Make the Muscular Young Man and or Woman on the Side of the Road
    who is suffering in an eternally now hell within look like He and Or She
    moreover should pull their bootstraps up on Their own without a simple
    Hand-out of Love That WiLL Be The Entitlement And is Still The Entitlement
    For the Kingdom of Heaven That Kingdom Comes NoW for Those Who Really Do
    Show Love NoW
    in more
    than a
    ‘Word’ or
    ‘one man’ to worship alone….
    it’s kinda ‘easy’.. one goes out into A Desert
    For 40 days or Whatever A Challenge May Be
    For the DArk Days and NiGhts of the Soul and one Finds
    That All one has/is That’s Really Real IS A Moving Connecting Giving Sharing
    Co-Creating Feeling Sensing Love With Others That Is too True to Give Up And
    Worth IT iN LiGHT oF LoVE to Give and Share It The Rest oF A LiFE That Is Love FoR ALL
    True.. ‘Those’ Who
    Again Come to
    Be Poor in
    And lEarn
    This LesSon ofTen Go On To
    Love And Thrive The Most NoW.
    Those who are Blessed Without
    Hell oN EartH oFten Take Heaven For
    Granted And Never Become Actual Love
    That Will Only Give And Share For Free Now..
    to: Be ‘Clear’.. liGht Comes From: dArk.. alWays has/is aLways
    WiLL.. Be/AS.. And to Express Oneself iN All Colors CoMinG As Art LiFE NoW IS A Path
    to EvoLve A Soul iN WhaTeveR CoLoRs CoMe NexT… So.. SurE.. KeeP On DoinG iT As YoU WiLL Be..:)


  2. This is awesome and profound. I feel like we’re living in Jim Crow 2.0, even though it’s not a government law anymore. They can keep pushing us down, but we’ll keep bringing ourselves up to the point where one day we’ll take over this country. It may seem like a far fetched dream but nothing is ever impossible.

    Peace brother

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