Both Sinner and Saint

People have always looked at me
And seen what they wanted
In seeing the fantasy that was my reflection
That is my mirror, making you a believer
In a lie, in a perfectly crafted farce
I weep, I bleed, you believe this ancient art
Of pretending to be something else
People have always tried to fit in, I’m the same
People always failed to fit in, I’m the same
But different, because I quit
You can’t come to grips with the reality
That I’m brooding in demons and darkness
You’re offended that I love it
You’re bewildered by my comfort in the grey
Yes, I see the light. Yes, I know the way
Sometimes, I can’t rise to it
The murder of caskets trapping my feet
The patter of blood stifles heartbeats
And the song of death tastes so sweet
Yes, I relish in the pain of man!
I bask in light shining through cracked skulls!
Because I am darkness and light
Because I am sinner and saint
Because I live in heaven but deserve hell
At the same time and place

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