For My People

Pushed back to the edge of the page
with your white skin, green stacks
America’s Raid
the toxins seduce our contempt
muddle our rage
Some aren’t so lucky, they get pushed off
or they treat us like projects in their vials
confine us to ghettos, a hole in one
as they swing and miss our faces
until an entire people is undone
LeBron and Cam are special
because they’re athletes, built to entertain
I guess if we’re still on the plantation
I’m allowed to whip this fucked up shit till it bleeds from your veins
Water, water, it runs so dry
in these schools they vomit in filthy quarters
in these homes they vomit in filthy quarters
in these lives they vomit until they reside
to die, in these filthy quarters
Give me a pen, I make things happen
Give me a breath, I make things happen
Give me a hand, we make things happen
Give me hands, we make this happen
no bits on “racial diversity”, just action
Equality doesn’t need money, just your head
Equality doesn’t need committees, just hands
Equality doesn’t need votes, just hearts
you have no concept of the struggle
yet are the thing tearing us apart
White ass bitch, you don’t speak for me
unless you’ve got my skin, can’t vouch for me
unless you’ve got my chains, don’t pretend as if you were on that ship
you have no idea what it’s like to throw your own children overboard
To protect them from slavery, they killed
To protect them from the hatred, they killed
To protect them from the abomination, they killed
and yet they couldn’t save them all
Harriet, Frederick, couldn’t save them all
I’ve got royalty in my DNA, and that is true
we were kings and queens
we ruled and reigned
our wealth spanned the ages
now we make up the footnote of your pages
But not for long, the time is now
to put the hate to rest
and I’d hate to rest until the pain
is not tolerated, but addressed
and I need all of you
I need of all us who have felt the scorn
to rise up and find their fire
in fighting for us, you fight for you
so sit back and let it unfold
or give what you can for a cause that’s true

3 thoughts on “For My People

  1. I’m half Ojibwa. A rich Native American tribe. There are 100 miles away suffering. They do not see them. I believe Black Panther had many meaning. One was. Rich nations need support the poor ones. Africa isn’t poor. Had great natural resources. Just greedy men running the wealthy places. Look at USA. One in four people go to bed hungry. How can 3/4 the people. Cannot see. I liked the movie. Beautiful country and people. I did like the women warriors. They were bad asses.

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